Where is the jewellery made?

All designs are handcrafted in Hampshire, UK. Every product is unique, so you will be receiving a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

How should I care for my jewellery?

You can slow down the process of sterling silver tarnishing by avoiding chemicals and perfumes, hot and humid conditions and salty water. 
Take care with you jewellery that has gemstones and crystals as they are especially delicate! Avoid knocking them against hard surfaces, to prevent scratches and/or breakages.
When you aren't wearing your jewellery, keep them safe in the keepsake pouch provided and give them a polish using a polishing cloth to restore the jewellery to it's original shine.
The best practice to keep your jewellery looking shiny is to keep wearing it!
How do I know my ring size?
There are several ways to check your ring size:
  • Check your other rings as some brands stamp the ring size on the inside of the band. 
  • Measure the inside diameter of another ring that fits the same finger and use this to work out your ring size.
  • Visit a jeweller.
  • Purchase an adjustable ring sizer online.
If you still aren't sure, then contact us at info@amynorthjewellery.co.uk, I will be more than happy to help you out.
I know my ring size, how long will it take for the ring to be sized?
Some of my jewellery are ready-to-wear but they might not be the right size for you. I will happily resize any of the jewellery for you at no extra cost, but it can take up to 2-3 working days for it to be resized.

Wildflower Seed Cards

How to plant the cards?

Cut or tear the card into small pieces and soak in water. Place/pour the soaked pieces into a pot of compost and sprinkle with compost on top. Place the pot in a warm and sunny place and keep the soil moist. When the plants have started growing move them outside or keep them on sunny window sill.

When can I plant the cards?

The recommended time to plant the cards is in Spring and Summer. 

How long will the cards last?

The cards will last up to 3 years, as long as you don't get them damp!